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My February Beauty Favourites

As you all know, I am currently on a Fitness Journey and for me, being healthy and happy within myself doesn’t just include fitness, it also includes Beauty so you could say I’m on a Beauty Journey as well. I am always buying beauty products because not only am I picky but I’m always looking for new things to enhance my looks.

Below you will find some beauty items that I’ve been using quite a lot in February heck, some I’ve been using even before February. Let’s start shall we?

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woc makeup youtubers
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5 favourite WOC makeup Youtubers

Just 2 years ago I got into wearing makeup and I have YouTube to thank for showing me the way to make myself look flawless. I am still learning, I mean I absolutely suck with eye shadows and I only recently got the cat eyeliner right.

So without going into details about how I just can’t get my eyeshadow looking on fleek, let me show to you all my (recently) favourite Women of Colour Makeup Youtubers.

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who am i

Who Am I? Identity Crisis!

People have always said the 20s are when a person really discovers themselves but what happens when plans don’t go as well, planned? How do you discover yourself when someone else is depending on you to lead them in the right direction?

I don't know

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My Fitness Journey, A Retake

As the title suggests, I’m restarting my fitness journey. Truth be told, I have always struggled with my weight. For as long as I can remember, I always told myself that ‘by summer, I’ll have a better body.‘ I’ve been so close to staying truth to those words.

Don't give up - Fitness

A few years ago, I lost a huge amount of weight but I wasn’t healthy. I didn’t have any fruits or vegetables. I didn’t do any workout. I just ate once a day. I was skinny but at a cost. Eventually  after being forced to see a doctor, I put my weight back on very unhealthily.

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