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5 favourite WOC makeup Youtubers

Just 2 years ago I got into wearing makeup and I have YouTube to thank for showing me the way to make myself look flawless. I am still learning, I mean I absolutely suck with eye shadows and I only recently got the cat eyeliner right.

So without going into details about how I just can’t get my eyeshadow looking on fleek, let me show to you all my (recently) favourite Women of Colour Makeup Youtubers.

In no particular order;

Beauty by JJ

When I first got into makeup, she was the first YouTuber that was recommended to me. After watching one of her videos, I practically brought almost everything she mentioned. Not the smartest idea since we’re clearly different shades and things work out differently for us. My eyebrow skills came from her as well as my hair tricks. I brought my first brazilian weave thanks to watching her video. She was basically the beginning for me.

Below is one of her old videos that was like my makeup bible at the start


I’m not sure when I discovered Enibaby4 but I’m really glad I did. On her channels, I was able to learn more about the application of different makeup. She is really good with colours and I love how she incorporates her culture into it. Makes me want to play around with colours while wearing my Ankara


Ijeomauna, just like beauty by JJ was one of the first WOC YouTubers that I came across. I really like her channel due to the fact that she was really relatable. She wasn’t video perfect like BeautybyJJ, more like a sister next door video perfect. From her, I learnt more about maintaining weave and making sure it looks so on point. I would like to thank her for the hair advices I got over the years. She’s not as active anymore but I still love watching her VLOG.


I recently got into makeupD0LL and I am so glad I did. She is so good with her makeup that I don’t know why she doesn’t have more subscribers. She plays with so many different looks. I know that when I perfect my eye shadow skills, it’ll be thanks to her. I want to say more but I feel like her videos speak for themselves so definitely check her out.

Finally we have ThatIgbochick

Just like makeupDOLL, I only found out about Igbochick and I absolutely love her looks. She is incredibly beautiful and her makeup always always look so flawless. She is definitely a makeup artist to look out for!

So there we have it. Some of my favourite WOC makeup artists on YouTube. I still follow a whole lot more because I like ideas when it comes to makeup.

What about you guys? Who are some of YOUR favourite makeup YouTube artists? Let me know in the comments below!


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